Teacher Dashboard for SPOC

staff-facing dashboard for understanding SPOC activity in relation to study success


  • Provide insights to teachers and course builders in learners’ online activity and the influence of student background and the impact on SPOC completion and passing the entrance exam is studied.
  • Use the modular open-source technology stack developed within the project for a staff-facing dashboard.


  • Small and Private Online Course
  • focus on the transition from secondary to higher education
  • prepares learners for entrance exam in Medicine/Dentistry
  • output = successful SPOC completion and success on high-stakes test


data of the 2016 run 
(September 2016 – May 2017) 
1.062 learners 


teachers and course developers of the SPOC chemistry of KU Leuven


actionable feedback

  • insights in learners online activity
  • impact of student background
  • relation to SPOC completion and passing entrance exam

return on investment

  • use of modular open-source technology stack
  • data easily available
  • dashboard specific for context due to focus on entrance exam and student background

social comparison

  • comparison between students with traditional background (i.e. prior education preparing for Medicine or Dentistry) and non-traditional background.

Further reading

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