More visual POS dashboard

development of more visual student-facing learning dashboard for positioning test


research, design, development, and evaluation of more visual POS learning dashboard for actionable feedback to aspiring students after participation to the positioning test (which tests prior academic skills of the participant)


  • test before entering university¬†
  • aspiring students not subscribed to university yet


  • 2017-2018: 662 questionnaires
  • 2017-2018: 60 test users


test users, imagining to have participated in the Flanders-wide positioning test for engineering science


actionable feedback

  • feedback academic achievement in test

return on investment

  • data easily at any higher education institute
  • transferable to other tests

social comparison

  • comparison to other participants
  • ¬†long-term study success of past participants

Further reading

project outputs:

scientific output

  • Nicolas Hoppenbrouwers, Tom Broos, Katrien Verbert, and Tinne De Laet. Less (context) is more?Evaluation of a positioning test feedback dashboard for aspiring students. Sumitted to the LearningAnalytics Conference, Tempe, Arizona, 2019¬†