POS in Flanders, Belgium

student-facing learning dashboard for positioning test


design, develop, deploy, and evaluate learning dashboard for actionable feedback to aspiring students after participation to the positioning test (which tests prior academic skills of the participant)


  • test before entering university 
  • aspiring students not subscribed to university yet


  • July 2017: 3 institutes, 635 aspiring students
  • September 2017: 3 institutes, 425 aspiring students
  •  July 2018: 3 institutes, 1016 aspiring students
  •  September 2018: 3 institutes, 342 aspiring students

TOTAL: 3 institutes, 4 tests, >1600 aspiring-studentss


(feedbackcode: 11ir0demo)


aspiring students who participated in the Flanders-wide positioning test for engineering science


actionable feedback

  • feedback academic achievement in test, prior education, and learning and studying skills tips- and tricks
  • tips and tricks
  • reference to further support

return on investment

  • data easily at any higher education institute
  • transferable to other tests
  • technology-low

social comparison

  • comparison to other participants
  •  long-term study success of past participants

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