Learning Tracker in SPOC

transfer Learning Tracker from MOOC to SPOC


  • study if the learning tracker, for feedback on online activity in MOOCs, can be transferred to the context of a SPOC supporting the transition from secondary to higher education
  • study which dimensions of online learning activity relate to student success and how this interactions with the background and gender of students


  • Small and Private Online Course
  • focus on the transition from secondary to higher education
  • prepares learners for entrance exam in Medicine/Dentistry
  • output = successful SPOC completion and success on high-stakes test


data of the 2016 run 
(September 2016 – May 2017) 
1.062 learners 


learners of the SPOC Chemistry preparing for the entrance exam of Medicine and Dentistry


actionable feedback

  • feedback on online learning
  • dimensions related to success in final test and entrance exam

return on investment

  • data easily available
  • other summarizing measures than in MOOC
  • only notable difference between successful an unsuccessful learners at the end of the SPOC

social comparison

  • comparison to successful and unsuccessful learners

Further reading

project outputs:

scientific output

  • Analyzing factors for predicting success in an admission test from interactions in a SPOC. 
    Pedro Manuel Moreno-Marcos, Tinne De Laet, Pedro J. Muñoz-Merino, Carolien Van Soom, Tom
    Broos, Katrien Verbert, and Carlos Delgado Kloos.
    Sumitted for the Proceedings of the Learning
    Analytics Conference, Tempe, Arizona, 2019.