Learning Tracker in MOOC

student-facing dashboard for feedback on learning activity in MOOC


  • provide students with feedback on their learning activity in a MOOC focusing on the transition from secondary to higher education
  • test of the Learning Tracker, which has proven to have a positive impact in other MOOCS, has the same impact in a MOOC targeting students in the transition


  • Massive Open and Online Course
  • focus on the transition from secondary to higher education
  • low MOOC completion (4.63\%)
  • learners have low prior education


2016 run (28 June – 27 September) with 12,294 learners


learners of the Pre-University Calculus MOOC


actionable feedback

  • feedback on online learning
  • dimensions related to MOOC completion

return on investment

  • data easily available
  • transferable to other MOOCs

social comparison

  • comparison to past successful learners

Further reading

project outputs:

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